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TI's 'Tool Swap' program at ESC Silicon Valley

Texas Instruments announced a new “Tool Swap” program to give developers a chance to get rid of underperforming microcontroller (MCU) tools and make the switch to TI’s solutions.
The program is sponsored by Digi-Key Corporation and will take place on May 3 – 5 at the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC), Silicon Valley in San Jose, Calif. Each day of the program, the first 100 developers to bring a used competitive kit to the TI booth can exchange their old hardware for an MSP430 eZ430-Chronos watch, Stellaris Cortex-M3 EVALBOT robotic evaluation board or C2000 Piccolo controlSTICK. (while supplies last)

eZ430-Chronos Watch:

- Ultra-low-power MSP430TM MCU core and sub-1GHz CC1101 RF transceiver are combined on one chip to reduce system complexity and shrink package and printed circuit board (PCB) size by up to 50 % compared to two-chip solutions

- TI's SimpliciTI and BM Innovations' BlueRobin RF protocols enable developers to easily establish wireless links regardless of RF knowledge, right out of the box

- Integrated 3-axis accelerometer for motion sensitive control as well as sensors for measurement, including altimeter, temperature and battery voltage

- USB-RF access point for PC communication and automation, supported by production-ready source projects, including, but not limited to, motion-based mouse control, sensor data logging with wireless PC download, keyboard and presentation control as well as time and calendar sync


- 80 MHz Stellaris LM3S9B92 MCU with 256K Flash, 96K SRAM, StellarisWare software in ROM, as well as integrated Ethernet, USB On-the-Go (OTG)/Host/Device and CAN

- Example display, audio and motor control software projects based on the extensive StellarisWare code base for putting concepts into practice

- Expansion port supports TI wireless modules and end customer extensions

- Two DC gear-motors provide drive and steering, opto-sensors that detect wheel rotation with 45 degree resolution, and sensors for "bump" detection

- TI motor drivers, voltage regulators, audio codec, interface and logic devices for easy evaluation of the complete signal chain

PiccoloTM controlSTICK:

- 60 MHz PiccoloTM 32-bit TMS320F2802x microcontroller with 64K Flash, 12-bit ADC, ePWM and other control-oriented peripherals

- On board USB JTAG emulation and access to all control peripherals and example projects within a small USB memory stick form factor

- Access to controlSUITE software, a portal to everything needed to accelerate real-time control design, including royalty-free software examples, libraries, application solutions and support
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