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Zytronic invests at UK base

Zytronic has completed phase one of an investment programme. Capital expenditure for this first phase exceeded GBP 1m on plant and equipment at the company’s Blaydon, UK headquarters.
Zytronic’s two proprietary technologies, Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT) and Mutual Projected Capacitive Technology (MPCT), are deployed wherever there is a requirement for people to interact with public electronic systems and where a resilient and robust solution is essential for continued reliable operation.

Zytronic has also invested in equipment to make the manufacturing process more efficient, including new robotic equipment, configured around a camera-based system. Additionally, new conveyor systems have been installed to move ultra large form factor glass touch sensors, up to 84 inches across, out of the clean rooms. The larger segment of the clean room in the main factory erected in 2001 has been refurbished.

Phase two, which should be completed during 2013, involves three aspects of expansion. The first, which was completed during April for ÂŁ100k, involved the substantial expansion of the Research and Development (R&D) operational facilities. It includes a substantial clean room and an EMC testing facility.

The second aspect of phase two for ÂŁ80k (US$120k) is expected to be completed in June. It involves the substantial upgrade to the screen printing facilities within Zytronic.

The third aspect of phase two is expected to begin much later this year and will involve the replacement of the original section of the main factory clean room. The final part of phase two is budgeted at ÂŁ400k.
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