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Optronic joins with project CAISR

Swedish Optronic, working with optical sensoring solutions, caught the attention of Björn Åstrand, assistant professor at Halmstad University, and manager for a project within CAISR.
CAISR stands for Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research and is funded by Halmstad University and the Knowledge Foundation with support from Swedish Industry.

"We're delighted that Optronic wanted to be a part of this," says Ă…strand. "We needed an industrial partner with expertise in optical sensors and perception technologies."

Currently, Ă…strand and Optronic exploring the possibilities of using automatically guided vehicles to perform inventory work. For the project, Kollmorgen's LS5 sensor, where Optronic has manufactured the sensor, as well as Fotonic's P70 smart camera, has been tested in different applications.

So far, fields of interest have included mapping, obstacle detection where identification of static structures such as loading pallets and pallet racks.

"Optronic's expertise in both manufacturing and developing is very important, as they can provide advanced feedback on sensor and camera applications," explains Ă…strand. "The group of companies we have associated to this project and our research form a very exciting mix and we're highly anticipating the results further down the line."
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