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Nokia 808: A phone with a view

Nokia promoted 'game changer in terms of its groundbreaking image technology' - the 808 Pureview smartphone, comes with a 41MP camera. Chipworks has taken it apart.

"When examining PureView’s comparably large size to most smartphones (4.9 x 2.37 x 0.55 inches), and its back protrusion (along the top) one could easily mistake the device for an actual camera. The trade-off of a slightly chunky phone for a high resolution image sensor may be well worth it to certain consumers requiring their mobile devices to capture high-quality images", the tech experts state. Aside from the phone’s imaging capabilities, the PureView features:
  • 1.3GHz ARM processor with 1GB of RAM
  • Nokia Symbian Belle operating system
  • 16GB internal storage + microSD card slot
  • HDMI and DLNA outputs
  • NFC and Wi-Fi technology
Some more insides out
  • The image sensor module contains the Carl Zeiss optical assembly, and the CMOS image sensor from Toshiba.
  • Analog Devices AD5814; suspected lens driver solution for the Carl Zeiss lens assembly
  • Broadcom BCM2763 multi-media processor, featuring full 1080p Camcorder capabilities
  • Found inside a package-on-package (PoP) was the Texas Instruments 4377622 1.3 GHz ARM processor.
  • Also found inside the PoP device along with the applications processor, was the Samsung KAT008DI5M mobile SDRAM.
  • Another Toshiba device, the THGBM4G7D2JBAIM flash memory device.
  • Texas Instruments - TLV320ADC3101 audio codec (2)
  • Texas Instruments - WL1271B WiLink 6.0 802.11 + Bluetooth device
  • Texas Instruments - 4376057 power management IC
  • Texas Instruments - TPA6140A2 audio amplifier
  • Atmel MXTNOK1E touch screen controller
  • STMicroelectronics LIS302DL accelerometer
  • AKM 8974 Hall Effect 3-Axis Electronic Compass
  • NXP PN544 NFC Chip
----- Source: More can be found at Chipworks.
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