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EU e-waste objectives "unfeasible"

The forthcoming EU collection objective for e-waste is unfeasible according to a report by Wecycle, a company that organises waste management for manufacturers.
In a press release, Wecycle said the new objectives would only be achievable if governments are prepared to introduce additional measures.

According to the new objective, all EU countries will need to collect 65 percent of the average weight of equipment and lamps which was sold annually the three previous years by 2021.

Wecycles said this is problematic because that part of the e-waste is outside of the producers’ reach, as it concerns legal or illegal exports, or has already disappeared into the waste bins.

“This conclusion was reached during an international e-waste conference, held in Amsterdam on 15th March 2012. The United Nations University presented the results from a scientific research project which maps out the origins and destinations of the ewaste flows in the Netherlands.,” Wecycles statement says. .

Wecycle made several reccomendations to make the EU collection objectives feasible, including . Mandatory handover of e-waste, Qualified export bam to reduce illegal export of e-waste and harmonized standards across the EU.

Wecycle works on behalf of six product foundations, whose combined membership totals 1,500 manufacturers.
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