Business | October 31, 2011

OCZ and ADATA performed well in the SSD performance test

DRAMeXchange tested the mainstream products of 2.5” SSDs in the middle of 2011, including the standard SSDs with affordable prices, and the high-speed SDDs which are adopted by medium and small size companies and work stations.
The categories of tested SSDs include SATA2 with 60GB and 100GB storage and latest SATA3 with over 100GB storage, which are for different members’ references.

Because of relatively expensive controller chip, the mainstream of SATA3 SSDs target for over 128 GB storage, which can be not only applied in the mainboard of desktop and laptop, but also used in the workstation, in order to improve the limited transmission of SATA2 SSDs.

About 9 SATA3 SSDs with storage ranging from 64GB to 256GB, have been tested, in which Marvell has equal shares with SandForce. The best-performing products are OCZ Vertex3 series and ADATA S711, whose performances have approached to the theoretical transmission limit of SATA3 SSDs. In addition, DRAMeXchange has also tested ADATA S511, which shows good performance and is the perfect SATA 3 SSD for consumer’s budget.

The Best SATA3 SSDs

- OCZ Vertex3 PRO 200GB
- OCZ Vertex3 PCBA0636-P (240GB)
- Crucial m4 CT128M4SSD2
- Strontium SRSSDMX-25

The Best cost-performance 128GB SATA3 SSD

- Crucial m4 CT128M4SSD2, which adopts the controller chip from Marvell.

The Best cost-performance 200GB SATA3 SSD

- OCZ Vertex3 PCBA0636-P 240GB
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