Business | October 26, 2011

ARM grows on new licensees

ARM Holdings plc announces its unaudited financial results for the third quarter and nine months ended 30 September 2011.
Progress on key growth drivers in Q3

- Growth in adoption of ARM processor technology
- 28 processor licenses, including 14 new customers, many of whom are established semiconductor companies buying their first ARM processor license
- 9 Cortex-A and 14 Cortex-M series processor licenses signed, including a next generation processor designed for the smallest and most energy-efficient embedded microcontrollers
- Licenses signed for a broad range of end-markets including automotive applications, computers, microcontrollers, mobile phones, enterprise networking, sensors and smartcards

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- Growth in shipments of chips based on ARM-processor technology
- 1.0 billion chips shipped into mobile phones and mobile computers, up 10% year-on-year
- 0.9 billion chips shipped into consumer and embedded digital devices, up 50% year-on-year

- Growth in outsourcing of new technology
- Physical IP: 4 Processor Optimisation Pack (POP) licenses signed for Cortex-A series processors, including the first Cortex-A15 POP at 28nm
- Mali Graphics: 2 Mali licenses signed for mobile computing and digital TV

Warren East, Chief Executive Officer, said:

“In the third quarter of 2011, we saw a continued high level of design activity with many new customers licensing ARM technology for the first time, driven by end market requirements for smarter, low-power chips. Demand for our technology has come from a broad range of applications, from sensors to computers. Over the last year we have seen strong growth in shipments of ARM technology-based chips, with a 50% increase of shipments into non-mobile markets such as digital TVs, microcontrollers and networking applications. Royalty revenues in Q3 have been impacted by the below seasonal growth in the semiconductor industry, but we continue to gain share. With customers looking to design ARM technology into a widening product portfolio, ARM is continuing to invest in the development of new products to drive long-term growth in our revenues, profits and cash.”


ARM enters the final quarter of 2011 with a healthy opportunity pipeline for licensing and an order backlog which remains at historically high levels. This combination points to another strong quarter for license revenue in Q4 and a robust order backlog at the year end. ARM Q4 royalty revenues are generated from third quarter chip shipments. Data for the third quarter indicates that relevant industry revenues were broadly flat sequentially.

Notwithstanding the below seasonal activity levels in the wider semiconductor industry, we expect that group dollar revenues for the full-year 2011 will be in line with current market expectations of around $763 million.
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