Business | October 20, 2011

Richmax/SUPERSSPEED and G.SKILL jointly rank first

DRAMeXchange tested the mainstream products of 2.5” SSDs in 2011, including the standard SSDs with affordable prices and the high-speed SDDs, which are adopted by medium and small size companies and work stations.
The categories of tested SSDs include SATA2 with 60GB and 100GB storage and latest SATA3 with over 100GB storage, which are for different members’ references.

The tested 17 SATA2 SSDs with 128GB storage are mainly supplied for business notebook users and PC gamers, who stress on both product performance and data storage speed. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the top 10 of 17 tested SSDs have adopted the chips of SandForce, which shows the chips of SandForce have excellent control performance. On the other hand, the SSDs choosing the chips from Phison also achieve good testing results.

In addition, because the Chinese company BIWIN has launched the “BIWIN Pro” series products, DRAMeXchange tested BIWIN Pro BWDSA25MCB with the storage capacities of 60G and 120G. The SSD, which adopts SandForce SF-1222 as the master chip, and IMFT’s (Intel/Micron) 25nm NAND as the flash chip, also show excellent performance. BIWIN Pro BWDSA25MCB-120 has the advantages of sufficient capacity, affordable price and excellent performance, which is perfectly appropriate for common notebook users.

The Best SATA2 SSD of 120GB MLC

Considering the factors of overall performance, specification and price, the winner is Richmax/SUPERSSPEED Seraphim MLC 240GB (however, the storage capacity is more than 128GB) and G.SKILL PHOENIX PRO FM-25S2S-120GBP2.

The Best cost-performance SATA2 SSD of 128GB

Strontium SRSSDGM-25 and BIWIN Pro BWDSA25MCB-120 show a good balance of performance and price.
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