Business | October 21, 2011

China’s LED Lighting Market Trends, Outlook and Forecast 2011~2015

LEDinside estimates that the 2010 worldwide lighting market (including traditional and LED luminaires) reached 79.3 billion USD (excluding automotive lighting market).
LEDinside estimates that the current global lighting market share in the developed areas, covering Europe and North America, exceeded 50%, with the overall market scale nearing 40 billion USD. On the other hand, while the 2010 Chinese lighting market only reached 12.2 billion USD, accounting for 15.4% of the global market share, the LED lighting demand in China continues to grow due to the stimulated economic growth and infrastructure expansion along with the related government policies, aiming at closing the urban and rural area divides.

As the lighting markets in Europe, America, and Japan are on the brink of saturation, only the lighting market in China is still in the expansion. LEDinside projects that the Chinese lighting market share can rise to 18.3% in 2015 with the total Chinese market value reaching 20 billion USD.

Following the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo, LED lighting, an industry which was seldom mentioned in the past, grew rapidly along with these global events. In light of the economy and policy, Chinese government has proposed macro-economic control slogans such as expanding the domestic demand and stimulating growth.

It is expected that in the coming few years, China will speed up construction projects, establish the rural infrastructure facilities, strengthen the construction of ecological environment and establishing the construction and infrastructures such as rapid railways, roads, and airports.

In addition, with the largest population in the world, the Chinese government is actively promoting the industrial and commercial development. Without comprehensive planning, China will face power shortage in the near future. However, with new, alternative energy developments remain to be seen, topped with the alarming Japanese nuclear disaster, energy alternatives must be found in the near future to avoid limiting power consumption.

In recent years, as Chinese government aggressively advocates energy conservation and carbon emission reduction, the LED lighting industry’s energy-saving and environment-friendly attributes have pushed forth its role as the flagship lighting project for the Chinese government.

With China regarded as one of the fast growing LED markets in the world, the Chinese LED lighting industry development is considered profitable by investors, with the investment in the industry to be increased significantly in the foreseeable future,
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