Business | September 22, 2011

Linear Technology teams with AEi Systems

Linear Technology has signed and implemented a multiyear cooperation agreement and program with AEi Systems.
Under the agreement, AEi Systems and Linear Technology offer customers and partner organizations (including M.S. Kennedy and Aeroflex) design and analysis assistance for circuit design and use of Linear’s radiation-hardened (RH) products in space and other radiation-hardened applications.

AEi Systems is developing and maintaining a database of SPICE models and performance data necessary to perform worst case analysis of Linear Technology’s rad-hard products, as well as ICs and hybrids from M.S. Kennedy and Aeroflex, such as the popular MSK58xx series or the VRGxxxx series of linear regulators.

In addition, using AEi Systems’ extensive knowledge base, AEi Systems performs WCCA and provides design support for integration of Linear Technology ICs into new and upgraded customer designs.

The program and agreement between Linear Technology and AEi Systems is the first of its kind, and has already proven beneficial to Linear’s customers and partners.

“The Linear team is very excited about this partnership. AEi Systems has a unique set of modeling and analysis resources and services that enable customers using our rad-hard products to bring designs to fruition,” stated Steve Pietkiewicz, Linear Technology Vice President and General Manager, Power Products.

Charles Hymowitz, Managing Director of AEi Systems, stated, “AEi Systems is delighted to work with the Linear Technology team and looks forward to further assisting Linear customers and partners with their worst case analysis needs, including power systems needs for space applications.”
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