© iFixit Business | May 18, 2011

Audience powers iPhone 4 noise cancellation

The iPhone 4 has impressive audio cancellation -- powered by two microphones and… what? We didn't find an audio processor in our teardown!
But there was a mystery part that we couldn't identify, stamped with the rather non-descript label 10C0.

Last summer, our iPhone 4 teardown revealed that the iPhone had two microphones! At the time, we rather ambiguously reported that it was “used to cut out ambient noise and improve sound quality.” What we didn’t know was whether Apple had invented their voice processor or was licensing third-party technology.

So, we decided to investigate. The result? We can confirm that Apple is using Audience - an impressive design win for the company. Audience also powered the Nexus One's audio cancellation. You can hear the cancellation in action in this test.


More can be found at iFixit. / © Image: iFixit
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