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evertiq advertising

For advertisers on Evertiq’s websites, we offer six different banner positions and the website wallpaper. If you advertise on our website, we include your ads on smartphones and tablets at no extra cost.


Present your campaign logo on the Evertiq site background. The empty space is filled with a repeated pattern in a quiet colour tone. The entire area is hyperlinked to your website, campaign site or similar. The Wallpaper is an exclusive product that does not have more than one advertiser per week.

Splash screen

The equivalent of wallpaper for smartphones and tablets is the Splash screen. It appears every time the Evertiq app is started, or alternatively, every time Evertiq opens in your smartphone’s or tablet’s web browser.

Sponsored Content

An area marked as “sponsored content”, is where companies can publish content that does not directly match Evertiq’s editorial guidelines and can be used for design notes, whitepapers or classifieds.  These will be integrated into Evertiq’s newsflow.

Ad-views on the site

There are many campaign options when buying banner ad positions. Publishing in a sequence, alternating, or sporadic weeks, or in accordance with your requested timetable are just some option examples. On each banner position we normally place up to five advertisers. This means that when a page is displayed, one of the five adverts will show its message until a new page is displayed.

Advertise in our e-mail newsletter

The Evertiq e-mail newsletter is sent daily, Monday to Friday, except for public holidays. Our newsletter is a subscribed service, meaning people and/or organisations have chosen to receive it. You have the chance to trace your potential customers that have expressely shown their interest in receiving news from Evertiq.

facts about our readers

evertiq’s best performing month (2022)

60,086 unique visitors

992,929 page views

24,327 unique visitors

292,695 page views

22,736 unique visitors

255,849 page views

22,195 unique visitors

307,006 page views

7,242 unique visitors

25,407 page views

Source: AWStats


Americas 45%
Europe 40%
Asia 15%


Germany 70%
Austria 5%
Switzerland 5%
Other 20%


Poland 85%
Other 15%


Scandanavia 85%
Other 15%


North America 65%
Southern Europe 20%
Other 15%

Geographical distribution of the readers based on data provided by Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google Analytics can be blocked by browsers, browser extensions, and firewalls. The data is rounded to integer and is no guarantee of how future readers will use Evertiq’s services.

our global readers

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