Evertiq Media Kit

Global News Online

Evertiq has been delivering online electronics industry news since 1999.

People, Markets and Technology are our core drivers of content and lie at the very heart of our editorial passion.

Today, Evertiq is a major global electronics news outlet, with industry specific journalists and several local news sites covering markets around the world.

Evertiq Advertising

Evertiq has 100.000 unique visitors each month. This makes Evertiq the most important news site for electronics suppliers, both in terms of content, and advertising visibility.

Reach thousands of new and existing customers by being visible on the Evertiq network. The fast flow of information means you’ll ‘hear it first’ on Evertiq, and so will your customers. Drive brand awareness and win business by targeting new customers on Evertiq.

Evertiq Expo

The need for a simpler, more cost and time-effective alternative to traditional large trade fairs has been a growing necessity in recent times. With this in mind, Evertiq Expo was established in 2011. Evertiq Expo is a one day networking event bringing together businesses and individuals who are interested in electronics, design, and production.

Evertiq Expo has grown and is now represented in Sweden, Finland and Poland, totalling 6 events, attracting thousands of visitors.

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