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General information

As an exhibitor you are offered the following package:
  • Exhibition area (cm, width x depth) 250x180
  • One table (cm, width x depth x height): 160x80x72
  • One white table cloth
  • One electrical power outlet
  • Access to all presentations
  • Lunch and coffee during the day
  • Up to 4 admissions for the exhibitors' networking dinner
The cost for this is EUR 1,800 + VAT. We will invoice you six (6) months prior to the expo or, at the latest, when the booking is confirmed. Payment is due ten (10) workdays after receipt of the invoice.

If you book more than one exhibition area, you have the opportunity to build up a larger presence, see example pictures below.

Choose your exhibition area

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New VAT regulations starting June 1st, 2021
  • Invoices for Polish customers will contain added Polish VAT.
  • Invoices for Swedish customers will contain added Swedish VAT.
  • Invoices to other countries than Poland or Sweden will contain zero VAT.


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Evertiq has postponed all Expos to new dates. Evertiq is monitoring the situation closely.


Expo Support
Support Expo
Project Manager
Anders Björsell
+46 70 560 91 91