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The Biggest One Day Expo
for Sweden's Electronics Industry!

For you who work within design and purchasing of electronics. Welcome to Evertiq Expo. Malmo Arena - 4 May 2022.

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The video illustrates our Expo concept.
Malmö is one of Sweden's fastest growing regions for the established industry as well as for start-ups and university projects. Ericsson Radio Systems started its mobile development in the region in the 1980s, which became the backbone of the industrial development. The proximity to the Danish market also attracts several companies to the region. Today the region is one of the most attractive for the electronics design and production industry. Below are some examples of such companies and institutions:
  • Smart cities; Ericsson, Combain, Sensefarm, Sony and Bosch.
  • Future transport; Volvo Cars, LOGE, TerraNet, Bosch and Sigma Connectivity.
  • Health and medical technology; AppInMed, BoneSupport, Tendo and Exini
  • Smart materials; ESS, MAX IV, Lund University, Malmö University, Big Science Sweden, RISE, Dassault Systems, Serstech
  • Large companies: Axis Communications, Alfa Laval, Securitas, Nolato and more.
We collaborate with a number of important regional industrial and business networks. This means that Evertiq Expo reaches out to the members of Invest In Halland and Invest in Skåne.
Evertiq Expo is organised by Evertiq New Media AB.


All Evertiq Expos are currently open on the confirmed dates. Evertiq is monitoring the situation closely.

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