© edhar yralaits Business | June 30, 2016

MSC Technologies and H&D Wireless collaborate on IoT solutions

MSC Technologies, an Avnet company, and H&D Wireless AB will collaborate in the areas of smart home and enterprise applications for the European market.
For HDW the contract has a value of more than USD 3 million (SEK 26 million) in 2016. The full wireless product portfolio of HDW will be offered via MSC Technologies to the European market with a focus on IoT for smart home and enterprise – such as Industry 4.0 but also wireless multimedia applications such as streaming video and audio.

"The IoT market is deemed to explode over the next years and we are happy to now be able to support that with the world leading IoT products, expertize and design support from HDW", explains MSC President Dr. Dominik Reßing.

"With the MSC sales, FAE network and world class logistic centers we target to expand our sales by several 100 % and also penetrate more of Europe´s major industrial companies", says HDW CEO Pär Bergsten.
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