Gothenburg | September 19, 2024

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    Martinsson Elektronik AB
  • 10:45 - 11:15
    Hands-on preperation and qualification of EV batteries for repurposing and recycling
    Mårten Aurelius - Business Unit Manager - WireFlow

    The market of electric vehicles is growing and with that comes EV batteries that needs to be taken care of when a vehicle meets the end of life. Looking at the market trends, there are many interesting business opportunities and challenges within EV battery recycling and repurposing. The EU battery regulation has and will also come with demands for companies working with this sector. However, the standards and regulation regarding qualifying battery modules for a 2nd life is not available yet (as today per April 2024) and there are many questions on how to handle the uncertainties.
    With this presentation, we discuss the trends and business opportunities within the EV battery life cycle with the focus of recycling and repurposing in Europe. The relevant parts of the EU battery regulation regarding repurposing of EV battery modules will also be discussed, highlighting the missing parts and how to go forward with the current uncertainties. We also address the challenges and solutions within the process of safe handling EV batteries from dismantling of battery pack to, qualification for repurposing, and discharging for recycling of battery modules. At the end, we present an industrial use case where we describe how these challenges where solved on a recycling plant.

  • 11:20 - 11:50
    DFM and Contract Electronics: how to avoid pitfalls in the production process
    Bartosz Bargański - International Sales Manager - Nordes
  • 11:55 - 12:25
    Silicon Carbide Evolution in E-Mobility Trends
    Riccardo Nicoloso - General Manager, New Materials and Power Solutions Division - STMicroelectronics

    In the era of electric mobility, the demand for efficient and high-performance power semiconductors has never been greater. Silicon Carbide (SiC) has emerged as a game-changing material in this field, offering superior electrical properties and enabling significant advancements in electric vehicle (EV) technology. ​ This presentation explores the evolution of SiC in the e-mobility trend, focusing on its impact on EV market development, powertrain efficiency, and new automotive applications.

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    How do you manage your projects with demands on higher quality and less cost without losing track on the process?
    John Ludvigsen - Technical Sales Manager - Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) - InnoFour Scandinavia

    Embedded software is in virtually all the products we come in contact with every day. For example, there are 100+ million lines of code in automotive, 24% of Medical device recalls are due to software issues, and there's 15.4% growth in the software driven "Smart Appliance" market.

    As a result the use of embedded software is quickly infringing on hardware’s dominance in the product development process.

    However in many environments software development is a siloed activity that leads to disconnects between product requirements and implementation that leads to product recalls or product failures.

    In legacy software development environments, many different point solutions are used to manage the application lifecycle.

    As a result, development artifacts are scattered, slowing down collaboration, hindering transparency, undermining integrity and making it difficult to drive innovation.

    This presentation of Polarion Application Lifecycle Management will cover the challenges in today’s embedded software development and how Polarion can help organizations with a unified solution that divers project transparency through real-time aggregated management information.

    Polarion enables everyone to be aligned around what is being built and why, to drive advancement while protecting integrity and compliance.

    Polarion helps teams respond faster and with better quality to new business opportunities and customer demands.

    The presentation will also show how it’s possible to work with different stakeholders like clients and managers and with those that are in the project so that everybody has a real-time view of the status of the project.

  • 13:45 - 14:15
    Status of the European EMS Industry 2024
    Dieter G. Weiss - Founder, in4ma and Data4PCB Market Research - in4ma

    Nobody is talking about the chip crisis anymore. Are we back to normal?

    No, definitely not. The EMS industry is still suffering from the late effects of this crisis.

    In4ma explains in detail why this crisis was all artificial but created a massive disruption of the industry.

    Even today the EMS industry feels the pain of it with insufficient orders, excessive inventory and poor outlook.

    We will not only look backwards but as well explain, what can be done to prevent this in future.

  • 14:20 - 14:50
    Minimizing the impact of Semiconductor Shortages & Discontinuations
    Ronny Nietzsche - Regional Sales Manager - Rochester Electronics

    Techniques and consideration for handling risks of EOL.

    The presentation will be held in English.


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