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Skynet and the death penalties for robots

In all my life I never thought I would write about escaped robots and death penalties in one article, let alone sentence. (at least not before I would have celebrated my 100th birthday).
However, a Russian Promobot might face that grim future. He escaped from a lab's testing grounds some time ago. Destruction is being discussed – according to an article on – if the scientists cannot curb his enthusiasm for freedom and the outside world.

We are talking about a helpful, interactive and – presumably – peace-loving robot that can change its eyes into hearts (Aw!) and is generally designed to display customer service information.

But how did Promobot IR77 manage to escape the lab in the first place? An engineer at the facility in Perm (Russia) left for home and forgot to lock the door. That's it. IR77 quietly slipped out, roamed the grounds for a bit and trolloped all the way onto a city street before running out of steam and power. Recharged and reprogrammed, IR77 still hasn't forgotten the small taste of adventure and freedom. It tries to leave again and has the exit firmly in sight, co-founder Oleg Kivokurtsev told the Russian news site Ura. Only solution? – Destruction.

The question now is, are we looking at Wall-E (and a wonderfully clever stunt) or are we facing the Skynet / Terminator / Rise of the Machines end of the world if we let this particular bot live?


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