SMT & Inspection | November 28, 2005

World's first test cases<br> for Assisted GPS validated

The R&amp;S CRTU-WC52 software option now allows the tried-and-tested Protocol Tester R&amp;S CRTU-W to be used for tests on A GPS-capable 3G mobile phones.
The Global Certification Forum (GCF) has defined 21 protocol test cases for UMTS/A-GPS terminals. The first three test cases from Rohde & Schwarz have now been validated by the Combined Agreement Group (CAG #04) and the PTCRB Validation Group (PVG #31).

The new option from Rohde & Schwarz now already covers two thirds of all the test cases required for certification. The company thus supports the development of the new technology, which allows the location of UMTS mobile phones to be determined quickly.

In the USA, the E911 law specifies that a mobile phone must automatically provide the location of the user in cases of emergency calls, even if the user is unable to indicate the location in such a case. Locating the position must be ensured either via the network or via the mobile phone
itself. Many UMTS mobile phones are already equipped with a GPS receiver for this purpose. However, tracking a position by means of GPS can take up to ten minutes if conditions are unfavorable, for the mobile phone must first determine and evaluate the current satellite data.

A-GPS combines the normal GPS applications that are established among end users – navigation, for example – with the new requirement. The GPS almanac information is broadcast over the UMTS mobile radio network. This information includes the current time, satellite constellation and other
data necessary for quickly determining the caller's location by means of the mobile phone. The time to first fix (TTFF) is reduced to just a few seconds on the basis of this information. America's large network operators as well as mobile phone manufacturers are therefore very keen on quickly
getting their hands on reliable test solutions for A GPS.

Rohde & Schwarz provides T&M equipment that is compliant with the specification, and thus supports the development and certification of such terminals. The R&S CRTU-WC52 software option makes the Protocol Tester R&S CRTU-W the world's only instrument that can handle 3G A-GPS test cases. Two thirds of all test cases prescribed in the GCF Work Item WI-015 are already
available now. In combination with a generator for satellite signals that simulates up to six satellites prescribed in the test cases, the R&S CRTU-W clears the road for A-GPS.


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