IO Electronics specialises in PCB and cable assembly production. The company also offers prototyping, testing and finished product assembly.

According to a release by Epicor, IO is acquiring customers faster than at any other time in its ten-year history and has recently taken on additional premises. The company is planning a new production line later in 2012.

“We have seen fantastic growth in recent years and now have 35-40 regular customers coming to us for our expertise and quality of service,” said Andrew Cridland, managing director at IO Electronics. “We have aggressive growth plans to double annual turnover in the next four years, and that is why we are investing now in Epicor ERP.”

“Taking on a new site and expanding our business means the sharing of information and communication across the company risks becoming fragmented and affecting our efficiency,” added Cridland. “With Epicor we will have all information available to the departments that need it in real-time. As our operatives finish a task they will update Epicor ERP, meaning we can track the progress and location of any production run across any of our four facilities.”