Whirlpool will no longer assemble circuit boards for its microwave ovens in Norrköping. According to local media reports, Flextronics will become Whirlpool’s new supplier, probably from its new plant in Hungary. Flextronics will also deliver to the Polish Wrocal and Italian Cassinetta for the production of furnaces.

Whirlpool Production Manager, Martin Teikmans, confirmed reports with local media outlet NT (translated from Swedish):

"That is correct. The assembly of printed circuit boards will be cheaper for us in this way. This would also allow Norrköping plant to become more competitive in the long run. Moreover, it is not Whirlpool's core business to assemble circuit boards. Instead, it is designing and manufacturing microwave ovens".

It was not confirmed that the move will be to Flextronics, Hungary.

Whirlpool’s Norrköping plant started producing PCB’s in the 1940's. Employees at the plant will be redeployed within the company. The union said that too little had been invested in the plant to make it viable.