Data transfer security and continuity are key drivers in this market, requiring manufacturers such as Huawei to adhere to the highest quality standards. A defective PCB can interrupt Internet access to hundreds of thousands. Aiming for a zero defect strategy, Huawei made Vi TECHNOLOGY’s AOI systems - the 5K PERFORM and 7KDL PERFORM - its choice for eliminating defective PCBs.

Installation of Vi TECHNOLOGY’s first AOI system at Huawei marks the beginning in a series of cooperative ventures between the two companies.

Vi TECHNOLOGY CEO François AMBLARD, said, “Working with customers with high expectations like Huawei has always been a great challenge for our company, leading to innovation in many different ways to meet their needs. Vi TECHNOLOGY has been the AOI partner of worldwide leaders in PCB manufacturing for years, and we welcome this new partner, Huawei, to our growing family of AOI users.”