The scope of the DAkkS accreditation is recognized internationally and covers all countries in the European community. Tektronix already has calibration labs in the UK, France, Germany, Russia and the Netherlands.

Covering onsite calibration for oscilloscopes and probes, both for voltage and current, and both for active and passive probes, this accreditation means that Tektronix will be able to perform calibrations for the following parameters: DC voltage measurement, DC voltage generation, DC current generation, Risetime measurement, Risetime generation, Oscilloscope with Oscilloscope Calibrator: DC voltage generation, Sine Frequency Response generation, AC voltage (sine) generation, DC resistance measurement, DC voltage measurement and Frequency.

"Minimizing equipment downtime is critical to our customers and having the ability to come directly to their location and perform the highest quality on-site calibration is extremely important to their business and keeping their schedules moving forward," said Christophe Bassole, Vice President of Service at Tektronix. "We can now perform accredited calibrations in addition to our depot calibration, giving the customer more choice than ever before."