Orbotech’s LDI systems are used to enable the mass production of One Glass Solution (“OGS”) sensors on routed cover glass, a touch screen application that is lighter, thinner, less expensive and more reliable than existing (multilayer) glass-based touch sensors – according to a release by the company.

“We have received very positive responses to our introduction of a number of first-ever technologies designed for the touch screen industry’s most advanced manufacturing requirements” said Mr. Richard Klapholz, Corporate Vice President at Orbotech Ltd.

“Many leading touch screen makers have adopted Orbotech LDI to enable the exposure of multiple OGS sensors in a single array. Because LDI is required at different stages throughout the manufacturing process, several LDI systems are deployed in each production line, imaging hundreds of thousands of glasses per month with high yield. This is a major breakthrough in mass production capabilities, allowing our customers to overcome the limitations of conventional techniques and achieve greater operational efficiency.”