The factory made an investment of about 4 billion HUF in the past two years and reached a year on year growth of above 15%. Significant part of the new businesses is related to LED technology, one portion of them to energy saving lighting systems, another portion to the LED-based outdoor and indoor high category display systems.

“Thanks to these new businesses, Videoton EAS Kft increased the number of its employees with more than 100 people this year, so employs circa 700 people now" – stated Csaba Klambauer, the managing director of the company focusing on the production of mainly industrial and automation electronics.

Part of the new electronic products takes care of the control of high capacity, innovative LED lights. These products are used in energy saving and long life-time lighting assets of indoor halls (airport waiting rooms, shops, theatres, hypermarkets, hotels, etc.).  Following this year's production volume of roughly 500K parts, volumes are expected to grow significantly in year 2013.

VEAS Kft. also started the production of LED wall modules in its Székesfehérvár location. Following a large quantity order for the production of one type of Product, VEAS will start - over the coming weeks - the production of another two types too.

Together with the new businesses starting this year the revenue is expected to increase with 2 billion HUF in total, thus the whole income of Videoton EAS Kft. is going to exceed 12 billion HUF in year 2012.

Videoton sees a long-term perspective in this peak-technology market segment, so endeavours to strengthen its presence.