Tim Worley, CEO for Powerstax, comments: “Like Powerstax, DP Energy has an excellent reputation for providing high quality and reliable products. We have a long standing relationship with DP Energy and have worked closely together on a number of major projects. The acquisition of DP Energy is part of an on-going strategy to develop new markets and widen our technology base”.

Powerstax and DP Energy both have a number of 'blue-chip' customers and the acquisition will allow the combined companies to move into new markets. Worley continues, “We believe that this acquisition will allow the pooling of engineering resources to continue to develop current products and extend the technology into exciting new product sectors”.

Design and manufacturing of DP Energy products will continue to take place in the existing facility and customer-site repair or refurbishment of systems will continue to be available. It is intended that post-acquisition, DP Energy products will be sold by Powerstax into Europe and North America as currently they are only sold in the UK.

DP Energy custom power solutions will be sold under the 'Drake' brand and offered alongside the Powerstax range of AC and DC power solutions.