"Electronics manufacturing in the Americas is currently experiencing a great transition . After years of off-shoring, there are now new electronics manufacturing facilities emerging, with a strong focus on flexible production of high quality units. This was confirmed by the panel discussions and the guests’ statements: America has become competitive again. Local sites that are close to the customer and have high, extremely efficient automation manage to once again convince manufacturers to insource SMT capacities", Jeff Timms, head of the Siplace teams in the Americas, observed on the occasion of the Grand Opening in Suwanee. "Electronics manufacturers in the US are growing again and want to invest in new equipment. We really profit from that with our state-of-the-art placement platform Siplace SX, the global technology benchmark."

In 2011 not only manufacturers in North and South America managed to increase their importance in the global electronics market: the American Siplace team, too, won a large amount of market share with its introduction of the Siplace SX. Reason enough for ASM Assembly Systems’ management to invest in expanding the Siplace headquarters of the region.

"Our team and our customers in the Americas are a matter close to my heart – I used to work here for a long time. All the more reason to be very happy that as a result of our recent merger we now have the products, the strategies and means to support our local customers even more effectively. Our Siplace SX placement platform was designed to meet the demands of highly flexible productions and the new Siplace site in the US gives us the opportunity to offer to local electronics manufacturers better service, advice and logistics", Günter Lauber, CEO of the global Siplace team, announced during his speech. "We aim to make ASM Assembly Systems the global number one in the electronics manufacturing industry. Opening this new headquarter for the region is an important step in this direction".