Following the end of the first quarter, the company already pointed at possible market weaknesses due to the current imponderabilities of the global economy and the continuing debt crises in Europe. Growth driver China also falls short of predicted growth rates.

In the meantime these events have a noticeable impact on the real economy in Germany. This is substantiated by the recently lowered forecasts of semiconductor companies which are regarded as early indicators for the PCB industry.

Big automotive suppliers as well as companies in industry electronics and solar business expect decreasing sales. Accordingly, the order behaviour of Schweizer Electronic AG’s customers, mainly active in the segments automotive, industry and solar, increasingly follow this pattern.

For the current fiscal year Schweizer now expects sales of 95 to 100 million Euro. This is 5-10% below previous expectations. In parallel, the company expects for its division Electronic an EBIT margin of 5-7% (previously 8-10%). Investments into the division Energy will burden results with 1-2%. Previous expectations were based on 2%.