The factory, based in Montague Park in Milnerton, just outside of Cape Town, is 3,400 sqm, with the capacity to produce at least 200 MW per annum. The South African company has been registered and is operating under the same name as the group’s holding: 3W Power and is selling under the AEG brand.

Employees have been trained in Germany and are bringing technical skills back to Africa to increase the level of expertise available to their customers. The plant will be officially inaugurated in September 2012, but has already started manufacturing the PV.500 Inverters and 1MW TKS Solar Containers, with 13 employees and will ramp up to the PV.630 and PV.800 by the end of 2012.

“The South African government has committed to installing 8,400 MW of solar power by 2030. The cost-effectiveness and sustainability of solar radiation as a power source have made it an attractive and viable energy alternative to fossil fuels in Africa. This factory will allow us to contribute to the commitment made by the South African state while proving our own commitment to the local economy,” states Trevor de Vries, Managing Director of 3W Power/AEG Power Solutions, South Africa.