In partnership, the two companies devised a supply chain process that has significantly improved delivery and supply of eXception Group’s 4.8m circuit boards it supplies each year to Apollo ,according to a press release by the company.

eXception Group made significant changes to working practices and devised a new methodology that reduced stock levels and saw on time deliveries rise from 96.7 per cent to 99.8% in less than a year.

Tim Coletta, Supply Chain Manager at Apollo commented, “eXception is a critical supplier, they supply us with a component which is fundamental to our products. With all our products manufactured in the UK for delivery to subsidiaries all over the globe, this predicates the need for good suppliers. Having worked with eXception for over eight years, we knew that they had the potential to meet the challenge we set them to increase efficiencies and deliver a service that met the needs of our improved operation.”