The 20,000 square foot facility, based in 1 FLEXcon Industrial Park, Spencer, Massachusetts, will house FLEXcon’s research and development (R&D) teams. The company said the center will drive FLEXcon’s leadership in emerging markets and support the Photovoltaic and Flexible Electronics business units.

"The opening of our Technology and Innovation Center is an exciting corporate milestone that will drive new innovations and the future growth of the company,” said Neil McDonough, President and CEO, FLEXcon. “Not only is FLEXcon committed to supporting R&D and expanding our facilities, we’re also committed to driving innovation and collaboration that will allow the U.S. manufacturing industry to grow in the future.” 

“Our new facility will allow FLEXcon to meet the challenging demands of the industries we serve and will allow us to develop new products to diversify our customer base,” said James Casey, Vice President of Technology. “The Technology and Innovation Center will supply the platform, and our people will provide the inspiration and initiative to propel FLEXcon into a new era. With the right tools afforded by this new facility, we can be sure FLEXcon will succeed in the future.”