This appointment represents a return to his roots for Law, one of the first-generation Option team, who originally joined the company more than 25 years ago as a production and process engineer and progressed through a succession of positions from Manufacturing Manager to General Manager then Managing Director, during which time he was responsible for factories in UK and Italy with a total staff of 170 people and a combined turnover of 20 million euro, exporting to 20 different countries.
Law left the company in 2009 to offer specialist consultancy services to the PCB industry in high-technology multilayer manufacture. Meanwhile, Option went through some changes of ownership and management.
Excited by the opportunity to rebuild the profile of Option as an integral part of the Ventec Europe operation, Law, with recent experience of driving quick-turn multilayer technology beyond the 40-layer, 75 micron track and gap, 0.1mm mechanical drilling level, commented: “It’s not just about technology and capital investment: I cannot emphasise enough the importance of having good staff, keeping their morale high and providing effective training and development. I am under no illusion about the challenges we will face in getting the momentum back, but with Ventec’s support and a great team around me, we will take it in our stride. The only way is up!”