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Himax starts mass production of HiSIT for Chinese smartphone customer

Supplier and fabless manufacturer of display drivers, Himax Technologies, has started mass production of its in-cell single-chip touch and display driver integrated (TDDI) solution for a Chinese smartphone customer.
By featuring in-cell touch with Himax's HiSIT TDDI solution, the smartphone customer's devices can we thinner and lighter.

"We are pleased to start volume shipment of our innovative TDDI solution to this leading Chinese smartphone customer," stated Jordan Wu, President and CEO of Himax Technologies, Inc.

"In-cell display with TDDI is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for end product customers' new high-end devices. The volume shipment record validates our leading pioneer position in this new exciting TDDI market. Furthermore, expanding long-term supplier relationships with our smartphone customers from driver ICs to include both on-cell and in-cell solutions demonstrates our ability to fulfill the increasingly complicated demands of leading mobile device manufacturers,” Jordan Wu continued.
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