© vladek Business | December 04, 2015

Invensas licenses technology to Tong Hsing

Tong Hsing Electronic Industries, a Taiwanese provider of microelectronic packaging and substrate manufacturing services, has entered into a license agreement for Invensas Corporation's Bond Via Array (BVA) vertical interconnect technology.
In addition, the companies have completed technology transfer and qualification of the BVA platform.

"Cost effective and robust vertical interconnect technology is critically important for the miniaturization of next generation electronics," said Craig Mitchell, President of Invensas. "We are pleased with our collaboration with Tong Hsing to commercialize BVA technology to meet this market need and look forward to continuing our partnership."

"It has been a great pleasure to work with Invensas team to evaluate and qualify the BVA technology platform," said Heinz Ru, President of Tong Hsing. "We look forward to providing BVA packaging services to the MEMS industry."
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