OctInternet of People Event

03Hosted By Jakajima B.V.

Tuesday, 03 October 2017 - Tuesday, 03 October 2017
B.Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Sjoerd Bakker, the author of the book “From Luxury to Necessity – What the railways, electricity and the automobile teach us about the IT revolution”, will talk about technological revolutions and every day life at the Internet of People Event, on October 3, at B.Amsterdam, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Who else will be there to speak?

- Ellis Bartholomeus, Designer plus CPO, Internet of Elephants, Kenya, on “Internet of Elephants”
- Iohanna Nicenboim, Interaction Design Researcher, Delft University of Technology, on “Objects/Subjects of Research?”
- Tijmen Schep, Technology Critic and Privacy Designer, SETUP
August 13 2017 4:10 PM V8.5.9-1