The conference program run parallel with the Expo. Free to visit any of the sessions when you register for Evertiq Expo.
  • 09:00 - 09:30
    Openair-Plasma® in electronics manufacturing - Selective treatment and inline solutions with plasma technology
    Alberto Casimiro - Managing Director/VD - Plasmatreat Nordic & Baltic states
    In the electronics industry, vacuum plasma is an established process for pretreating the surfaces of electronic components – but it has technical limitations. In contrast, Openair-Plasma® atmospheric plasma technology facilitates the selective treatment of electronic components and can be fully integrated into standard in-line processes. This reduces the process time while keeping costs down, since Openair-Plasma® systems are normally operated with oil-free compressed air. Other gases can also be used, depending on the application.
  • 09:35 - 10:05
    Embedded low power SOCs and SOMs for intelligent systems.
    Patrik Björklund - Director of sales - Tritech Solutions
    The presentation will give an overview of the currently available low processors and module standards for the embedded market, in the segment up to max. 15W TDP. A wide range of embedded applications demand higher CPU performance, advanced graphics capabilities, faster I/O and neural network accelerators for vision and machine learning workloads, while having power and thermal constraints. We will look at ARM versus x86 solutions, edge inference accelerators, to buy or make and how product lifecycles can be managed.
  • 10:10 - 10:40
    Integral Laser Technology Solutions to enhance Performance of PCB Depaneling Processes
    Javier Gonzalez - Sales Manager - InnoLas Solutions GmbH
    Lasers are becoming the most preferred PCB depaneling method as they are offering inherent advantages such as narrow kerf widths as well as virtually no dust, no mechanical stress, fast set-up changes and many degrees of flexibility. Laser technology solutions to enhance laser depaneling performance will be presented. This will cover advanced laser beam guidance technologies to improve cutting quality and throughput, integrated automation and inspection modular solutions to increase yield and connectivity options for laser systems in advanced manufacturing environments.
  • 10:45 - 11:15
    Component market and anti counterfeit
    Johan Dahl - Senior Director, Sales - EMEA - A2 Global Electronics
    Johan Dahl will give a general global component industry market overview. He will also talk specifically of anti counterfeit.
  • 11:20 - 11:50
    Protect your brand and secure your profitability through regulatory compliance
    Jukka Vuorinen - Director - Global Accounts Electrical - Intertek
    Understand the impact of working pro-actively with regulatory requirements by looking into today’s complex situation and studying a business case to quantify values.
  • 11:55 - 12:25
    Study of the electronis market in the Halland region
    Henrik Lövetoft - Business Region Halland
    Erik Behm  - Strategist - Business Region Halland
    Halland is a growing hub for Digital Technology & Intelligent systems. The presentation describes a survey of the ecosystem in Halland with a picture of where we are heading.
  • 12:35 - 13:05
    Beyond the datasheet, what they never tell you about inductors
    Dr. Georg Hetzendorf - Business Development Executive - CoilCraft
    The presentation shows with examples and practical hints how to get the most out of power inductors commonly used in many DC-DC converters. Many new applications ask for high voltage compliance of inductors which, up to now, was not specified by inductor manufacturers. By applying best practice when designing DC-DC converters, information from the datasheet can be used to minimize efforts for EMI compliance. Tools available on the web (for free) provide useful information to predict size versus performance leverage designers must take when planning the next generation DC-DC converter.
  • 13:10 - 13:40
    Scaling AI, CV & 5G for Robotics Applications
    Jay Siriwadena - Thundercomm Technology Co., Ltd. (co-owned by Qualcomm)
    Bringing together Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Vision (CV) and 5G technologies is nowadays key for industrial applications requiring high-compute, low latency and low-power robots and drones. In this presentation, Rudy Alix, Thundercomm, a Qualcomm Company, will discuss how scaling AI, CV and 5G will help to resolve the diversity of pain points that robotics applications have to overcome in various industry sectors — from enabling a performant AI inferencing engine, enhanced application using CV to wireless connectivity based projects. Rudy will discuss how this is key to the IoT business growth in market segments from drone based to autonomous mobile robots (AMR) applications.
  • 13:45 - 14:15
    Material compliance management using Windchill PLM and GreenSoft software
    Juhana Jaatinen - Lic. Sc. (Tech.), CEO - RoHS Management Oy
    This presentation will show you how Windchill PLM is integrated with GreenSoft material compliance software and how to easily maintain conformity of your product. Additionally, you will learn the essentials of the most common regulations concerning restricted substances, including EU SCIP, EU REACH, EU RoHS, UK RoHS, China RoHS, US TSCA, and US CA Prop 65. Jaatinen has worked 30 years in the electronics industry. He has a very practical approach to legislation: what does it mean, why should I care, and what I should do.
  • 14:20 - 14:50
    On demand access to equipment related data, A must have, in modern day manufacturing
    Israel Ayala - Equipment Data Management - Simply
    As electronics become increasily more valuable, so does our production time. Time is money, and now, more than ever, it is paramount to our productivity targets to eliminate every and any possibility of down times, idle times, waiting times, whatever their cause may be. One such source often overlooked are the idle times originating from the time gap between the moment we need to access equipment related documentation / data (such as manuales, part numbers, sw backups or program back ups) and the moment we execute the task at hand. Tasks such as preventive /corrective maintenance, user training, repairs, upgrades and many other key tasks we Face on a daily basis at the production floor. In our modern world it is only natural that On Demand Access to Documentation and data rises as a New standard. The alternative of spending time looking for data/documentation feels arcaic and outdated. The ellimination of idle times caused by slow access to data or goodness forbid, lack thereoff, is a must. Can we live in a world where we have on demand access to our favorite movie, and not to our equipment related docs? Whether it is a minute, or a day, wasted looking for data, it is an arcaic luxury we cannot afford. Embrace the new standard. Never waste another second or cent looking for data.
  • 14:55 - 15:25
    Europe’s battery boom – charging a market
    Patrik Blomqvist - Editor - Evertiq
    As early as 2030, the EU targets to reduce emissions from cars by 55% and vans by 50%. This is one of the interim goals in the EU Commission’s zero emissions plan. An important piece of this puzzle is the European battery flora and the upcoming Gigafactories that will supply the demand from the automotive industry as it transitions to electric drive. But will the cell capacity be enough? And what about the skills? During Evertiq Expo in Tampere, Evertiq’s editor, Patrik Blomqvist, will present a survey of the European battery flora – the existing, planned and future Gigafactories that will meet this demand.
  • 15:30 - 16:00
    Digitalization in Practice – How the Katek Group is Responding to the Supply Chain Crisis
    Kevin Decker-Weiss - Sales Director - CircuitByte
    The supply chain crisis is affecting all electronic manufacturers, but none as severely as electronic manufacturing services (EMS) companies. Quoting jobs in a hugely volatile market presents challenges that require a total process “re-think”. As one of Europe’s fastest-growing full-service EMS firms, the Katek Group responded to market signs early on through digitalization of their quoting and sourcing processes as well as their production engineering. This practice-focused presentation will show how this was done, what special challenges were faced and what the concrete results were. And since the digitalization process is all about moving forward, what further steps are being planned. Any company dealing with supply chain issues, whether EMS or OEM will pick up valuable information.


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