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The conference program run parallel with the Expo. Free to visit any of the sessions when you register for Evertiq Expo.
  • 09:00 - 09:30
    Strategies for securing material flows for production
    Bengt Lundell - Martinsson Elektronik
    What are the alternative strategies for securing material flows? Bengt Lundell, at Martinsson Elektronik, will - based on today's problems with getting components - present how buyers can create strategies to bring home the material they need so that production does not stand still.
  • 09:35 - 10:05
    Polarion ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) Everything you need to accelerate innovation
    John Ludvigsen - innofour b.v.
    Embedded software is in virtually all the products we come in contact with every day. For example, there are 100+ million lines of code in automotive, 24% of Medical device recalls are due to software issues, and there's 15.4% growth in the software driven "Smart Appliance" market. As a result the use of embedded software is quickly infringing on hardware’s dominance in the product development process. However in many environments software development is a siloed activity that leads to disconnects between product requirements and implementation that leads to product recalls or product failures. In legacy software development environments, many different point solutions are used to manage the application lifecycle. As a result, development artifacts are scattered, slowing down collaboration, hindering transparency, undermining integrity and making it difficult to drive innovation. This presentation will cover the challenges in today’s embedded software development and how we can help organizations with a unified solution that divers project transparency through real-time aggregated management information. It enables everyone to be aligned around what is being built and why, to drive advancement while protecting integrity and compliance. This approach helps teams respond faster and with better quality to new business opportunities and customer demands. The presentation will also show how it’s possible to work with different stakeholders like clients and managers and with those that are in the project so that everybody has a real-time view of the status of the project.
  • 10:10 - 10:40
    Design for Regulatory
    Marcus Ek - Key Account Manager - Norautron
    How can you design successfully and manufacture electronics products that meet regulatory demands? A manufacturers point of view.
  • 10:45 - 11:15
    Overview of the electronis market in the Halland region
    Henrik Lövetoft - Invest In Halland
    Halland is a growing hub for Digital Technology & Intelligent systems. The presentation describes a survey of the ecosystem in Halland with a picture of where we are heading.
  • 11:20 - 11:50
    Accelerating industrial transformation with 5G+ Edge
    Rudy Alix - PhD. / Eng.- Senior Sales & Business Development Director EMEA - Thundercomm
    How can a 5G Edge platform help transforming operations across various industries? The combination of 5G and Edge computing can enhance data collection and analytics. It may trigger decision processes in a far more efficient manner, offering new business streamline perspectives as well as unprecedented visibility, insights, control over assets and services. A couple of case studies will be carried out during this presentation.
  • 11:55 - 12:25
    Ultra-Wideband (UWB), technology and applications
    Robert Berg, Amir Majidzadeh - Sunway Communication AB
    UWB is a revolutionizing technology, enabling cm-level position accuracy of devices and tags using ToF (Time-of-Flight) and AoA (Angle-of-Arrival) for spatial awareness of people and objects. From current inclusion into flagship smartphone (starting with iPhone 11) and automotive products (eg. BMW 7xx), predictions show shipments will reach 1 billion units yearly in just a few years, with growth expanding to consumer electronics, IoT, manufacturing industry, and other markets. Already, leading global technology companies have teamed up in the industry association FiRa to foster ecosystem development.
  • 13:05 - 13:35
    EMS and The Competitive Supply Chain – A Modern Software Solution
    Jani Leppalammi - Vice President of Sales - CalcuQuote
    Now more than ever, EMS companies are facing increased pressure from their customers to meet unprecedented demands. Manufacturers are demanding lower costs, increased scope of services, faster turnaround times and improved quality. Margins are already tight in the EMS manufacturing industry, companies have to find a more efficient method for delivering improved efficiencies and productivity. The question we will be exploring is how EMS companies can use modern software technology and digital supply chains, to meet these increasing requirements and deliver effective solutions. ### Bio: Jani Leppalammi is a Finnish electronics industry veteran from several OEM and EMS companies. He has a BSc in electronics engineering, eMBA from sales and marketing, and MBA from Henley Business School. Currently, Jani is responsible for CalcuQuote global sales and marketing.


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