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General questions

Where can I park my car?
Coming soon

Can you help me with my hotel booking?
No, but there are plenty of hotel alternatives nearby.

We do not cooperate with agencies or other companies when it comes to hotel accommodations. Should someone contact you regarding this, just put the phone down. That would be a scam call.

Is Wi-Fi available?
Yes, please see the reception for more information.

Is there a safe place to keep my jacket and luggage while I attend the event?
Yes, please see the reception for more information. We recommend not to leave valuable belongings there. The venue also has a cloak room where you can store your luggage.

Could I also be on stage? What would I need to observe? How do I proceed?
We invite companies and individuals to send in their technical presentations. Please submit an abstract (100 - 150 words) together with a short presenter biography by sending an email to .

The abstract must be non-commercial and should detail the nature and scope of the proposed presentation. We would also like to know who will be holding the presentation, so please provide us with the following details: job title, photo, company and email address.

While we appreciate that you are interested in holding a presentation, we cannot guarantee a presentation slot.


How much does it cost to visit Evertiq Expo?
Evertiq Expo is free of charge. However you must register your attendance here. Then you need to visit the conference reception to pick up your badge. The badge gives you access to enjoy all seminars and the exhibition throughout the day.

Do I need to attend the full day?
No. The exhibition and the stage presentations start at 09:00 and finish at 16:00. Plan your visit so it fits into your work schedule.

I need to cancel my participation. What shall I do?
Please send an email to and we will cancel your registration.


What do I need to bring to the venue?
We provide an area of minimum 2x1.2 metres including a table. You will be responsible for bringing roll-ups, products to showcase, and other promotional material.

I would like to use a table cloth. Is that possible?
Yes. Please contact the conference reception for more information.

I need a power outlet close to my table-top?
You will find one standard power outlet at your table.

When can I start arranging my table-top?
The registration for exhibitors are open between 16:00 and 18:00 the day prior to Evertiq Expo. You will get access to your table-top area at 17:00 that day.

How do I sign up for the get together dinner?
All exhibitors are invited to our get together dinner the night before Evertiq Expo.

Our staff will email details to your company's contact person once you are registered as an exhibitor. Let us know how many of your colleagues will join us for the dinner as well as for the conference. Contact us at .

Where do I send exhibition materials?
Coming soon

Where can I leave feedback?
We will send out a survey shortly after Evertiq Expo, where you can leave feedback.


Łukasz Jaeszke
+48 609 130 180
Project Manager
Anders Björsell
+46 70 560 91 91