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Materion Precision Optics acquires gettering capabilities

Materion Corporation’s Precision Optics business has acquired the proprietary thin film gettering technology and related intellectual property assets from Michigan-based Integrated Sensing Systems (ISS).
ISS is a designer and manufacturer of microelectromechanical (MEMs)-based products and getter technology.

The assets acquired include the NanoGetters technology, patents and trademarks. Getter technology is used to improve the long-term reliability of hermetically sealed sensor packages by capturing moisture and other stray gas molecules. The NanoGetters technology developed by ISS uses a proprietary set of materials that are precisely vacuum deposited, providing an alternative solution to traditional non-evaporative gettering technology.

NanoGetters materials are used in MEMs to improve vacuum packaging in a range of end-use sensor applications including infrared imaging, chemical sensors, microfluidic devices and other electronics devices.

“This is a technology and commercial differentiator for Materion Precision Optics. It presents major new opportunities for existing and new customers to benefit from the cost and logistical efficiencies, consistency in operational processes and product quality, as well as an overall convenience from having their full offering provided from a single partner and sequenced under one roof,” commented Michael Newell, Ph.D., President of Ohio-based Materion Precision Optics.

The new gettering capability is expected to facilitate additional business and will enhance the value-added revenue from each wafer processed. Additionally, Materion anticipates expanding the gettering technology to applications beyond infrared imaging including inertial sensors, medical sensors, oscillators and other MEMs devices, leveraging its wafer-level technology, product development and operational capabilities.
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