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Innovation in a time of change

Calendar year 2015 started off strong. We saw growth in all our major end markets, with our largest—automotive and industrial—showing the most gains.

Lothar Maier
Over the past several years, we’ve focused our team of analog designers and field sales and applications engineers on these key markets, and it’s paying off. These have become the fastest growing areas of the global analog market, as electronics continues to proliferate in today’s automobiles and industrial systems. As the year progressed, the rate of economic growth in major regions such as the US, Europe and Japan has slowed, along with China’s growth. These macroeconomic conditions have impacted our growth, and that of the overall analog sector, over the short-term. While remaining cautious due to global economic conditions, we remain optimistic for the long-term and expect this slowing cycle to be a short one. For Linear Technology, we continue to do what we do well. In a world dominated by electronics, we solve the tough problems in analog and power. Our products address many technical challenges, enabling fundamental electronics to be more energy efficient, precise, reliable and compact. Our analog design team works closely with our customers to help anticipate the technical challenges they’ll face in their next generation of products. Linear is a global company, with 59 percent of sales generated internationally and 72 percent of sales as export. We continue to build on our broad product line of power management, data conversion, signal conditioning, RF and interface ICs, µModule® subsystems and wireless sensor networking products. And we are committed to producing our products as long as customers need them, with our no-obsolescence policy. Industrial is our largest end market, with applications in medical, instrumentation, process control and factory automation. Our products have the robustness and reliability for use in harsh, demanding environments such as manufacturing plants, wind generators, solar plants, oil refineries, chemical plants and mines. Electronics are rapidly proliferating in automotive and transportation, our fastest growing end market. Fuel efficiency, safety, infotainment, and performance are creating unique analog challenges, solved by our innovative products. This market is going through rapid change, with the move to hybrid/electric vehicles, improved safety systems and sophisticated navigation and entertainment systems. We are dedicated to continuing product innovation, attention to quality and reliability, and maintaining our short and predictable delivery lead times. With these and many other innovations, we anticipate a bright future. ----- Author: Lothar Maier, CEO, © Linear Technology Corp.
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