Components | June 07, 2011

CogniVue adopts Target’s IP Designer Tool-Suite

CogniVue Corporation has adopted Target Compiler Technologies's IP DesignerTM tool-suite for the design of its next generation Image Cognition Processor (ICP) family.
This next generation ICP is the successor to CogniVue’s CV220X ICP. The new ICP from CogniVue incorporates significant refinement of the patented APEX array processing unit. Besides advancements in processing performance and efficiency, the next generation APEX technology introduces parallel processing reconfigurability to further reinforce CogniVue’s greater than 10X advantage in processing capability per area per power.

Simon Morris, CEO of CogniVue comments: “Our objective is to deliver a programmable processor product in the smart-imaging/video-processing market that reproduces the success of the GPU in the graphics market. In particular, our objective is to lead in terms of best performance, per area, per power consumed for image cognition processing. In order to be successful, it is clear that we need a world- class programming environment. Target emerged as the clear leader in this domain due to the excellence of their SDK offering and their ability to support our customers directly. Learning that IP Designer could also help us contain SoC development costs and assure processing performance and efficiency made the decision to engage obvious.”

According to Ali Osman Ors, Director of SoC Engineering at CogniVue, “Target’s IP Designer offering is unique in that it generates both the RTL and the complete SDK for our parallel processing core from a single design description. Such automation allows us to develop a highly advanced processor architecture (and implementation) with a compact specialized team. But, the real game-changer is the fact that we will be able to go to market on day one with a proven, fully featured, high-quality, highly efficient C-compiler-based SDK, all directly supported and maintained by Target.”

Mr. Ors continued: “We found Target to be an undeniable asset during development. Their approach to support made us feel as if we had an extended team focused on compiler development and SDK issues. Their support took the risk out of the schedule.”

“We are delighted to count CogniVue among our growing list of customers”, comments Gert Goossens, Target’s CEO. “Real-time video and image processing require extreme levels of performance, and CogniVue’s next generation processor is an excellent example of how domain knowledge can be used to create breakthrough performance and efficiency for an application-specific processor. We are happy to have enabled CogniVue to realize this product with a compact team and schedule.”
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