Quality Hotel 11 & Eriksbergshallen
Maskingatan 11
417 64 Göteborg


The easiest and fastest way to get to Eriksberg is with Västtrafik. There is a couple of different options to choose from.

Bus 16 from Gothenburg's central station, towards Eketrägatan. Get off at Eriksbergstorget. Plan your trip here Västtrafiks reseplanerare.

If you rather go by boat/ferry you can choose the city ferry Älvsnabben to “Eriksbergs färjeläge”. The boat stops just outside Eriksbergshallen.

By car
From E6 Malmö, Rv 40 Borås (Landvetter Airport), E20 Stockholm, RV 45 Karlstad: drive towards E6 Oslo. Continue through Tingstadtunneln towards Hisingen/Hamnar and follow signs to N. Älvstranden. Exit at Lundbyleden at the bypass named Eriksbergsmotet, just before Lundbytunneln. Follow signs to Eriksberg, Quality Hotel 11 and Eriksbergshallen.

From E6 Oslo make a right turn, just before Tingstadstunneln, towards Norra Älvstranden. Continue on Lundbyleden and follow directions mentioned above.

From road 158 via Älvsborgsbron: continue over the bridge Älvsborgsbron towards Hisingen. Make a right turn by Ivarsbergsmotet to Eriksberg. Continue about 300 m and you will find Eriksbergshallen and Hotel 11 on your right hand side.


For reservations at Quality Hotel 11, please contact the hotel by Email or phone at +46 31 779 11 11. Use the booking code: TEC GOTEBORG 2018. The code is only valid when booking is made by Email or telephone.

Quality Hotel 11 & Eriksbergshallen
Maskingatan 11
417 64 Göteborg


The parking area around Eriksbergshallen is open 24 hours a day. The parking machines accepts both credit cards and Swedish coins.

1. Eriksbergshallen and Hotel 11's parking (see map below)
Gated outdoor parking outside the fair building (22 parking lots). Ticket and gate key can be purchased at the reception for 170 SEK / day (pre-order 140 SEK / day).

2. Municipal parking (see map below)
Located in the area around the hotel (the back of the hotel and the other side of the street “Östra Eriksbergsgatan”). Daily parking from 50 SEK / day, ticket bought in parking machines and put in the front of the car.

3. The parking garage (see map below)
At “Östra Eriksbergsgatan”, between 250 and 300 meters from the hotel (346 parking spaces, takes about 4 min to walk). 120 SEK / day, Ticket is bought in parking machines and put in the front of the car.The garage is closed between 22:00 and 06:30. By credit card, you can still pick up your car and enter the garage even outside the opening hours, but only via the stairwell, and only when your car is already parked in the garage.The digit code is "00" followed by the last four digits on your credit card.

Map of nearby parking spaces.


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