General questions

Where can I park my car?
Many of our visitors will come by car, which makes parking space a sought after commodity. Click here for an overview of all available parking areas around the venue can be found.

Will I have to bring my own food?
No you don't. A light breakfast and a lunch wrap is included for all participants. A coffee bar will serve hot and cold beverages throughout the day. Are you allergic to something or have other food requirements, please let us know: .

Meals outside the TEC venue is not included.

Can you help me with my hotel booking?
No. However, we do cooperate with the hotels and have arranged for a room contingent with discounted rates. These can be booked by calling the hotel directly. Please find more information here.

We do not cooperate with agencies or other companies when it comes to hotel accommodations. Should someone contact you regarding this, just put the phone down. That would be a scam call.

Is Wi-Fi available to me?
Yes, all participants will be able to hook up to the world wide web. Just ask the TEC reception for Wi-Fi login cards.

Is there a safe place to keep my jacket and luggage while I attend the event?
A coat rack can be found either outside the toilets or next to the TEC reception in the big hall. We recommend not to leave valuable belongings there. The hotel also has a cloak room where you can store your luggage.

Could I also be on stage? What would I need to observe? How do I proceed?
You believe you have something that could interest our visitors? Cool, we'd like to hear from you. We invite companies and individuals to send in their technical presentations for upcoming TEC's. Please submit an abstract (100 - 150 words) together with a short presenter biography by sending an email to. .

The abstract must be non-commercial and should detail the nature and scope of the proposed presentation. We would also like to know who will be holding the presentation, so please provide us with the following details: job title, photo, company and email address.

While we appreciate that you are interested in holding a presentation at TEC, we cannot guarantee a presentation slot.


How much does it cost to visit TEC?
Absolutely nothing. However, for organisational purposes, we ask that you register your attendance here.

I also want to have a visitor's badge?
The most efficient way to get one of those is to pre-register via our website here. Then we have already prepared a badge for you. Just come to the TEC reception and pick it up. You're one of the quick-decision people? No problem. Give a business card to one of the staff at the TEC reception and they will help you to get your badge in no time.

I am only really interested in one presentation and a few exhibitors?
No problem. The exhibition and the stage presentations start at 09:00 and finish at 16:00. Plan your visit so it fits into your work schedule.

I forgot about a prior engagement. What shall I do?
You forgot that you have to be elsewhere? A work thing that is a must-attend? Let us know by sending an email to and we will cancel your registration. We might even give your lunch to one of the security staff.


What do we need to bring to the venue?
I can tell you what you will find there. A table top area of approximately 2x1.2 metres with a table waiting there. Here you can find an illustration of what we had in mind when organising the event. You will be responsible for bringing roll-ups, products to showcase, brochures and a smile.

I would like to use a nice table cloth. Is that possible?
Yes, actually white table cloth are included in each table for this particular TEC.

I have a laptop, a screen and a smartphone and need a power outlet close to my table?
You need extra power for all those electronic gadgets? We already thought about that and you will find an outlet at your table. Need even more power? We recommend you pack an extra power strip into your luggage.

When can I start arranging my showcase?
The registration for exhibitors opens between 16:00 and 18:00 the day prior to TEC. We promise that – at the very latest – you will get access to your table top area at 17:00 that day.

How can I sign up for the Get Together Party?
You are an exhibitor at TEC? And you like nice food in pleasant company? Perfect. Then we invite you to our Mingle-Dinner the night before the TEC event. In Gothenburg, the dinner will be served in the restaurant at Eriksbergshallen.

Our TEC staff will email details to your company's contact person once you are registered as an exhibitor. Let us know how many of your colleagues will join us on day 1 and day 2. You cannot find those emails anymore? Contact us at and let us know about your attendance.

Where do I send exhibition materials?
Use the following address if you need to send any exhibition materials in advance:

Maskingatan 11
417 64 Göteborg

Mark the parcel with: "The Evertiq Conference". The material is to be collected from the conference reception. Evertiq is not responsible for lost or destroyed materials.

Do the visitors have any QR-code?
The QR-code on the badge contains the following data:
· Name
· Company
· E-mail
If you don’t have a QR-reader we recommend Qrafter Pro for iOS or QR Droid Code Scanner for Android. This enables you to send all your scanned contacts via e-mail to yourself after the event.

Where can I leave feedback?
You have feedback for us? Great. We like to hear about it; whether there is something to improve on or something that you thought was perfect. We will send out a survey shortly after the TEC event, where you can leave feedback. Or you send an email to .


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